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Shut Down by BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK Looks fierce in their new music video Shut Down Seoul : BLACKPINK dropped their second full-length album BORNPINK . The title track for the album titled Shut Down is out and BLACKPINK seem to have a mic drop movement with the song .

Shut Down is three – minutes long and captures the members in their strong element . Rose,Jennie,Lisa and Jisoo start the video with a bang as they reiterate that the album is not their comeback because they never left .

Shut Down

BLACKPINK has released their second full length album after a gap of two years . The album has a total of eight songs including Shut Down, Pink Venom and Ready for love . The other songs include Typa Girl , Hard to love, The happiest girl,Tally and yeah yeah yeah . Member Jisoo and Rose have written credits for yeah yeah yeah along with regular collaborators R.Tee and IDO.


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